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Meridian’s investment strategy is to acquire existing medical buildings located on or off campus near market dominant hospitals. As a private developer with an entrepreneurial structure we can make decisions quickly and implement without bureaucracy. We work with corporate and individual property owners and investors by providing access to capital resources and development expertise.

We achieve these investment objectives through asset purchases or joint ventures with the following types of clients and partners:

  • Physician groups - we offer co-investment options with physician-tenants or investors through various lease and joint ownership opportunities
  • Healthcare / Medical Providers - if you desire to expand your geographic footprint through existing building purchase or build-to-suit projects, we can bring the capital and expertise to help you achieve your development objectives.
  • Developers - if you are seeking an affiliation or partnership with a development team with west coast operating expertise we can help expand your geographic scope.
  • REITs – if you are seeking a capital partner combined with west coast operating experience, we can serve as your development partner in acquiring and improving medical office buildings.

If you have a medical office acquisition opportunity or medical related investments you would like to fully or partially monetize, please give us a call.