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Preferred Developer

The Service - Preferred Developer Program

Meridian offers a unique service called the Preferred Developer Program for clients whose ideal real estate choice may have been leasing or buying an existing facility, but has exhausted a search within a given geography without identifying an existing building that is available or that will meet their needs. The Preferred Developer agreement allows us to work with you to explore alternatives from repositioning an existing building to ground up development.

The Preferred Developer Program works especially well for clients that have expanding and repeatable development needs that require them to quickly expand their footprint across one or multiple geographies. We can work with your existing internal real estate resources or bring an integrated team to you, but it is always a relationship you can count on.

The Product - Build-to-Suit Construction

Meridian has the resources, experience and expertise to create build-to-suit facilities that meet the unique requirements of your group. We can typically develop these facilities with lease rates that rival those of existing facilities. We are able to do this by bringing together all the disciplines required to expedite successful development projects. By using an integrated team of in-house acquisition, design, construction, financial, legal and management professionals, Meridian provides a single point of contact resulting in seamless, on-time and on-budget, high quality real estate projects.

The Right Solution for You

Meridian's objective is to match your real estate objectives with your long-term needs and projected business growth. Our goal is to develop solutions that will dramatically impact your bottom line. We do this by implementing a process driven approach, analyzing your business and facility needs and putting our resources to work to create the most effective solution to satisfy your development needs. Meridian strives to be on time, exceed expectations through controls and processes and stay ahead of environmental and regulatory issues pertaining to building development.

Advantages of the Preferred Developer Relationship

  • A customized building constructed to your specifications, reflecting your operating needs and corporate image
  • An extremely cost-effective method of development
  • A project that may be easier to finance
  • Minimization of long-term operating costs. The building can be designed to help reduce the total cost of ownership through the use of more durable construction material and/or more energy efficient systems and material.