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Deal Structures

Meridian recognizes the challenges you face as you look to grow market share while continuing to focus on your core business competencies. Achieving success in both areas requires creativity, flexibility and capital. Meridian will advise you through the expansion process and help develop feasible solutions.

Fueled by our significant real estate development expertise and access to capital, over the last decade we have financed, acquired, and developed more than one million square feet of real estate. Whether your need is new facilities to reach a new market or the rehabilitation of existing buildings, Meridian can help with a variety of options.

The Meridian Advantage

Meridian is a private commercial real estate developer with access to sources of capital that are more flexible than our institutional competitors who typically have pre-set financial parameters that restrict their offerings and YOUR choices. Meridians advantages over its competitors are numerous;

  • We can use our own capital
  • We can decide how long capital should be invested
  • We can bring in strategic capital partners whose interests are uniquely aligned with yours
  • We have access to debt at favorable terms and the flexibility to deploy as much or as little as required.

We would be delighted to work with you to engineer a structure that meets your unique needs. Some of the structures that can be deployed include:

Master Lease


This structure is designed to provide an income stream to support project financing and is a cost effective way for a client to control a strategic location/facility at the lowest possible cost. Some common variations on this structure include:

  • The master tenant leases the entire project and subleases space to occupying tenants
  • A fall away master lease where the obligation of the master tenant is reduced as vacant space is leased to occupying tenants
  • A master lease that floats to coincide with the actual vacant space.



Allows the client the ability to create a new facility to meet its needs, which is secure by a lease commitment. As with most transactions, there can be numerous iterations, such as: the new facility can be on a ground lease, include or exclude tenant improvements, amortize tenant improvements, term and/or renewal options.



This structure involves the client’s commitment to purchase the facility at completion at a pre-determined amount, allowing you to create a new facility to meet your needs and leverages Meridian’s strengthens in turning your vision into a reality.

Option to Purchase


Commercial lease options are a contractually negotiated legal right in which a buyer pays the seller a set fee to purchase a property at a late date, which can be incorporated in the Build-to-Lease model. The purchase price can either be decided during the option negotiation or the buyer may agree to pay fair market value at the time the option is exercised. Generally, the option lasts from one to two years, expiring if the buyer does not exercise; however, the lease term typically extends well beyond the option period. This means that the buyer is not required to buy the property, but if the buyer does not choose to buy, the buyer loses the right purchase and has a leasehold right for the duration of the term.

Land Joint Venture

We partner with owners of commercial land that is located to develop facilities. This joint venture typically nets the land owner significantly more than a straight sale, since the land owner participates in the creation of value as the property is developed. Meridian benefits by reducing the amount of initial capital required.