Manteca, CA

2077 West Yosemite Avenue, Manteca, CA 95337

Meridian delivers first-class medical office building to client turn-key in just eight months.

Meridian was challenged to locate a developable site in Manteca, CA to build a dialysis clinic for the community. Meridian located a corner site that seemed perfect for the facility. The site had previously been proposed to the City for use as a retail quick-service restaurant. Quickly after speaking to the City, Meridian learned that they intended on taking a large portion of the site via eminent domain to widen the major arterial streets. As if that wasn’t challenging enough, another significant obstacle was the City’s Public Facilities Improvement Plan (PFIP). The PFIP is a mechanism for cities to have 3rd party development pay into the system to get infrastructure projects done around the city. Meridian would have to figure out how to deal with the City’s intent on taking a portion of the site, as well as the PFIP plan in order to make the dialysis clinic a reality for its client.


Due to the City’s intent on taking a portion of the site, Meridian immediately shifted gears and acquired an adjacent residential site to physically make the project fit. After some creative entitlements to rezone the parcel(s) and merge them together, and some persistency with the City, Meridian gained approvals for a new first class medical office building. Meridian negotiated with the City on the PFIP work, coming up with a repayment plan that worked for all parties, and ultimately completed an agreement to allow the project to continue. Before even starting the project, Meridian knew obtaining switchgear on our critical path schedule could be a risk as the project was to proceed during a period of extreme supply chain uncertainty. Accordingly, Meridian released shop drawings early and ordered switchgear even before closing escrow or submitting for plan-check. Still, Meridian incurred manufacturing delays after 70 weeks of lead time and had to change gears. Meridian sourced a custom switchgear maker, at a premium cost, and received a new switchgear within three weeks to keep PG&E on schedule to energize. That turned out to be an extremely smart move given that the original switchgear didn’t ship for an additional five months. We eventually refused the original gear.


Despite these challenges, Meridian was able to deliver the completed first-class medical office building turn-key in only eight months. With this successful project, not only did we help our client visualize their ambulatory strategy, we also met Meridian core mission and values of providing greater access to care at a more affordable cost.